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About Us

Fontoplumo came into existence out of a passion for pens and mainly fountain pens.
In 2012 the webshop first saw light and in 2016 we added to the experience by opening our physical store. This grew further in 2017 when we started Fontoplumo.World as a destination on other things which we have a high interest for. Collectible toys / art / graffiti (we have a large graffiti painting inside our shop).


When you have any questions about our products, about us or can't find the specific item you're looking for, don't hesitate to conact.


We sell our products online and in our store. Our store is located at Vrouwenregt 3, 2611KK, Delft, The Netherlands.

Opening hours:
Friday 11am - 5pm
Saturday 11am - 5pm

Outside of these hours, it is possible to visit by appointment.

The shop is located about 950 meters from Delft Central train station and closest parking garage is Markt. Located very close to the market and the famous Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) a tourist attraction.

Next to email, you can also reach us by phone on telephone number +31646347232, on businessdays and saturday from 8.30am untill 8pm (CET-Central European Time) and social media.